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Ian monroe

I’m a swing and solo jazz dancer, Frankie Manning Ambassador, and jazz enthusiast. Born in New Orleans, I’ve been driven toward making lindy hop and other swing dances more common in a city known for its prominent jazz scene. From working with friends all around the city, I was able to further delve into the intricacies of this dance.


These days most of my free time is spent practicing, performing, teaching, and dancing for fun. Loving every minute I get to spend doing this dance, I’ve found my passion is in sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with anyone who wants to learn.

Sarah St ores

Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a swing dance instructor originally from Pensacola, FL now based in New Orleans, LA. I started swing dancing in middle school when my older sister found dancing at the local American Legion and passed it on to me. I was bitten by the bug!!! and continued dancing through high school. In college I found Lindy Hop at the university swing club and began traveling, teaching classes, djing, and organizing dance events. At that point, most of my life revolved around dancing. After college, I worked as a non-profit professional for 2 years before I moved to New Orleans in 2017. 

Like a lot of excited new dancers, early on I was evangelical about sharing as many “new moves” like the “pretzel” and “the Manhattan” to as many people as possible. Now, many years later, with a slightly less crazed attitude about it all, I still absolutely love teaching. Seeing new dancers explore how to connect with music and movement in a new way is fascinating. Dancing is like learning a language. It takes time, but bit by bit we can learn “words” and techniques to start stringing together ideas into “conversations” between you, your dance partner, and the music. 


In my classes, my goals are to let students explore the traditions of jazz dancing, find what makes sense for their own bodies, become empathetic partner dancers, and develop a foundation of musical awareness. My teaching partners and I welcome any person to learn to lead or to follow and we encourage people to try a bit of both! All bodies and all backgrounds are always welcome in our classes. See you on the dance floor <3

Cameron Lovejoy

My life is delightfully split between dancing and poetry.


As a dancer, my focus has always been about how the dance feels. I've heard my dancing described as comfy and cozy. I really like that.

As a poet, I'm always trying to put feelings (and facts) into words. 


Teaching dance is no different: putting into words, in a clear way, the feelings of leading and following. It's all about communication.


Melding my two worlds together, I apply different characteristics of poetry in my teaching: being playful, seeing all sides, understanding the characters, and then boiling it all down to the essence -- in hopes that it makes sense. 


It's also important for me to know the ways in which my students learn best. Understanding each other is how we can best communicate; I aim for that in and beyond the classroom. 


2358 St Claude Ave

New Orleans, LA 70117


Tel: 803-575-0353​


by Nola Darlings

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